Hipster Productions

Thank you for visiting Hipster Productions. I created this site to share my taste in square dance music. I began arranging music about five years ago and have done a few hundred for personal use. Some callers have asked about my music, but I could not share with them because I only had personal use license. Now, with some mentoring by Paul Cote (EGO Recordings) and a lot of help from Buzz Smith Music I am able to share a few with you and will make more if there’s enough support (sales) of what I’ve already done.

The likelihood of this being a money-maker for me is slim-to-none. The expenses involved in producing a single recording are not slight. There are license fees, studio fees, and musician fees to start, then there is production, distribution and advertising (not to mention the time). For those callers who think $7 – $10 a recording is steep, I suggest they try their own hand at producing a recording for distribution.

If this effort comes close to breaking even, I may try releasing up to 10 new recordings a year and offering some form of membership or exclusive use. For now, I’ll go on selling individual songs or groups of songs for a discount.

About the Music

All of Hipster Productions music is originally produced, real band music. Some is arranged and performed by Buzzy Smith (who did an amazing job of re-creating “A Mess of Blues” maintaining the Floyd Cramer piano and adding a sweet guitar lead in the second half), some is recorded with local talent, and some is a remix of original artist tracks (when available and affordable) or cover band tracks.

For all Hipster Productions music, all appropriate licenses have been purchased and are on file (so I don’t get in trouble for selling and you don’t get in trouble for using). It also means that if you share your purchased copies with your fellow callers, you are taking money from my pocket – money I need to continue producing music – and committing a crime which, in the USA, is punishable by a fine of up to $150,000 per occurrence.