Hipster Productions

Contemporary Square Dance Music

Square dance music faithfully reproduced to reflect the original artist

Each recording is digitally mastered and rendered to MP3 in multiple formats and multiple keys. With and without lead instrumentals, with and without background vocals. All music is recorded by real musicians, no electronically produced musicShow versions include extended opener, middle, and/or closing blocks with more opportunities to sing (all figure sections are strictly 64 beats).

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If there is a song you’d really like to have as a square dance singer or patter, make a request. I’m always looking for suggestions for new music, and if I sell 10 copies something you request, you will either receive your copy free, or choose from another in my catalog!

Singing calls are arranged to use both verse and chorus in what we hope will be the most effective method. Patter recordings are arranged to avoid long silences, low levels, and loss of beat (all typical in modern music, but difficult for dancers and callers to deal with).

Each recording is a unique arrangement, digitally mastered and rendered to MP3 in multiple formats multiple keys, with and without background vocals, and with or without lead instumental. Ocassionally there will be a ‘Show’ version as well which will include extended block of music.

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